Atlanta Braves Tickets 2024 - (2024)

Braves 2023 Tickets Guide

Updated 7/8/2024 / First Published 2/17/2023

Atlanta Braves Tickets 2024 - (1)

Braves tickets are expected to be a hot item in Atlanta again after the team had another strong showing in 2022. The team finished 94-68 and were one of the five most popular MLB tickets on

The Braves lost a few key pieces in Dansby Swanson and William Contreras, but added Sean Murphy to a deep roster. The team should be well-stocked to compete for another N.L. East crown and World Series title. Bet MGM gives the Braves the 5th best odds to win it all in October.

Where to Buy Braves Tickets

Season Tickets

The Braves season-ticket program is known as the A-List. A full-season membership gives fans access to all 81 games, playoff priority, stadium discounts and other perks.

For fans planning to spend their entire summer at Truist Park, season tickets are a great choice.

Single-Game Tickets

Braves single-game tickets for 2023 went on sale through the box office shortly after the 2022 season ended.

Tickets for all Braves games are also on sale at More than 75,000 ticket listings can be searched and compare on the Truist Park interactive seating chart.

Group Tickets and Packages

For Braves fans who want to attend multiple games without the commitment of full-season tickets, there are two main options.

By joining the A-List, fans can purchase a partial season ticket package with 27 games. These packages are labeled Friday/Saturday/Sunday because they each include most games on that day of the week.

The Braves also offer a limited number of four and six game packs for a discounted price.

As one of baseball's newest stadiums, Truist Park is well-suited for hosting large groups. There are nearly a dozen hospitality areas that serve groups of 20 or more. Among the options are indoor spaces, outdoor spaces, pre-game parties and private suites.

How Much are Braves Tickets?

2023 Ticket Prices

The Braves had not made any formal announcements regarding ticket prices in 2023. Expect prices to be similar to 2022.

Despite being one of the most popular teams in baseball, Braves ticket prices were in the top half of "affordability" on in 2022.

Cheap Braves Tickets

With an exciting team and a run of recent success, it's becoming difficult to find cheap Braves tickets.

The cheapest games on the schedule are afternoon games during the week. In 2023 there are five Wednesday or Thursday games beginning at 12:20 pm.

Other cheap options include games early in the week, and those against less-popular teams like the Marlins, Reds and D'backs

Key Series in 2023

This year's Braves schedule has a few extra American League teams on it. Interleague play has been expanded, and the Braves will play 22 teams at home.

This means that games against the Mets and Phillies will have added importance if Atlanta is going to win a sixth-straight N.L. East title.

Here are the hottest Braves matchups and tickets for 2023:

Padres vs. Braves - Apr 6-9

The Braves have one of the league's latest home openers. But when it arrives, it will arrive with a bang.

San Diego comes to town for an exciting matchup between two young teams expected to compete for a pennant.

    Astros vs. Braves - Apr 21-23

    The Braves begin a 7-game homestand at the end of April with a weekend series against the Astros.

    The last two World Series champions will square off at Truist Park in a potential championship preview.

    • All Astros vs Braves Games

    Angels vs. Braves - Jul 31 - Aug 2

    This is one of the best series to target - especially if you're bringing the kids.

    The Angels don't visit Atlanta very often, but this year Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani head east at the end of July.

    Despite the star headliners, this is one of the more affordable series of the year.

    • All Angels vs Braves Games

    Mets vs. Braves - Aug 21-23

    If you're planning ahead, the Mets/Braves series at the end of August is one to keep an eye on.

    Tickets are relatively affordable for what could turn into a very important series heading into September.

    • All Mets vs Braves Games

    Best Ticket Options at Truist Park

    Truist Park has no shortage of premium ticket options. Many of the best tickets for a Braves game are located behind home plate where these clubs are located.

    Among the very best are the Truist Club and Delta Sky360 Club seats. These are the closest to the players and home plate so they come at a premium - with most tickets starting at upwards of $250.

    The table below lists top ticket options with the lowest price for the rest of the season (as of Jul. 8, 2024) and a link to explore seats.

    • Chop House Club $125More Info
    • Delta Sky360 Club $187More Info
    • Dugout Club $53More Info
    • Truist Club $1938More Info
    • Xfinity Club $122More Info

    Cheaper Options

    For most regular season games, the Braves turn the upper level on the left field side (sections 435-444) into a general admission seating area. These are often the cheapest tickets for a game and fans can sit anywhere in the designated sections.

    If an assigned seat is preferred, fans can typically find seats at a comparable price throughout the 400-level.

    2023 Changes at Truist Park

    As one of the newer ballparks in Major League Baseball, Truist Park has no changes for the 2023 season. Fans will enjoy the same gameday experience they have had for the past six seasons.

    Best 2023 Braves Giveaways & Promos

    The promotional giveaways for the Braves in 2023 feature a variety of fun and classic items. Making the headlines are replica Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuna Jr. chains and several bobbleheads of the team's star players.

    Most giveaways are for the first 15,000 fans so be sure to arrive early to receive the promotion!

    Atlanta Braves Tickets 2024 - (2024)
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